QC Minecraft Challenge

As a valued community member of Quezon City, we are challenging you to design and build solutions to help reimage, reconfigure, and revitalize City roads.

We want your ideas!

“How might we reinvent Quezon City with innovative solutions to create city roads that enhance urban biodiversity, promote sustainable mobility, and improve public health?”


Schools Reinventing Cities is coming to Quezon City! 

We have partnered with Minecraft Education and C40’s Reinventing Cities initiative to guide all students in creating our future Quezon City. Implemented in schools throughout the city, students are able to navigate through a customized virtual representation of Quezon City. In the Minecraft Education World, students can interact with in-game characters of city leaders and experts. They may build their ideas and submit these for consideration by a panel of judges. This year, starting with our city roads, we are asking students to consider:

“How might we reinvent Quezon City with innovative solutions to create city roads that enhance urban biodiversity, promote sustainable mobility, and improve public health?”


All Grades 4 to 12 students enrolled in public or private schools located in Quezon City are eligible to join the Quezon City Reinventing Cities with C40 and Minecraft Challenge. Interested students will have to form a team of 3 to 6 members within the same grade level category, categories are as follows:
  • Grades 4-6
  • Junior HS
  • Senior HS
  1. Fill in the Challenge Participation Form

To participate in this challenge, your School Minecraft Moderator must register your team by filling out the Challenge Participation Registration Form. Please note that all members of the team must submit a Parent/Guardian’s Consent – the file of this will have to be attached in the form through a sharable and accessible link by their moderator to complete the registration.

Reminder: Each school may only submit one entry for the Challenge. Entries per category or multiple entries for one category will not be allowed.

After your School Minecraft Moderator fills out the registration form, the Moderator will receive a confirmation email verifying that your team is now officially a participant in the challenge. Once your Moderator notifies you of the receipt of this email, you may now start your build.

  1. Download Minecraft Education

You can download Minecraft Education, find the appropriate version for your device here:  Get Minecraft Education. Minecraft Education is available on Windows, Chromebook, MacOS, iOS devices (iPads and iPhone), and Android devices. If you are having trouble downloading you can also contact support or check out this support page.

Visit the step-by-step download guide for more information.

  1. Access the Schools Reinventing Quezon City Minecraft World

Once you have access to Minecraft Education, access the Schools Reinventing Quezon City World to start your challenge journey. Here, students will find in-game characters that will assist them on their journey before they start building. You can find the world by navigating to the steps below or this shortcut link:

    • Opening Minecraft Education
    • Select “New and Featured”
    • Find the Reinventing Quezon City World
    • Click “Create World” 


  1. Start building!

Using Minecraft Education, each team is challenged to create or transform a road in Quezon City that enhances urban biodiversity, promotes sustainable mobility, and improves public health.

Students may choose one from the following Quezon City roads to build their sustainable solutions on:

    • White Plains Avenue
    • Agham Road
    • Belfast Avenue



Creating your final submission

After teams create their Minecraft build solutions on their chosen road, each group must submit a 2-3 minute video and write-up describing their builds and explaining how they have addressed the challenge design prompt. The video and write-up may be in either English or Filipino.

The video and write-up must answer in detail the following questions:

  1. What road did you choose to build your sustainable solutions on? Why did you choose this road?
  2. What are the solutions you proposed to be implemented on your chosen road? How do these solutions enhance urban biodiversity, promote sustainable mobility, and improve public health in the City?

Uploading your submission outputs

Each team must upload their entry submission for the QC Minecraft Challenge via Flip.


  • Don’t forget to include your school’s name and the names of the group members in the caption. 
  • Please also ensure you attach the short link of your write-up* on your Minecraft solution build in the link text box.
  • Note that the duly accomplished Teacher’s Certification must also be included in the uploaded write-up document.


*Write-up must be shared through an accessible link (i.e. via OneDrive, Google Drive, Microsoft Word, Google Docs)

Visit the step-by-step submission guide for more details.

selection of entries


Submitted entries will be judged per grade level category by representatives from the Quezon City Local Government, DepEd, C40, and Microsoft. Judges will use this Rubric to assess students’ Minecraft build solutions.

Five (5) teams with the highest scores from each category will be selected to personally showcase their outputs to the City Mayor and other key officials of Quezon City. Judges will add an additional rating to the builds of each team based on their presentation. For each category, the team accumulating the highest points will be recognized and featured in the official social media platforms of the Local Government.

Special citations will also be given to the following: Best Pitch, Most Innovative, and Most Impactful.

Challenge Prizes

The winners from each category will receive the following prizes:
  • Overall Team Champion: Php 30,000
  • Team Champion Moderator: Php 15,000
  • Team Champion School: Php 15,000


QC Minecraft Challenge Guides

Dates to Remember

March 11, 2023In-person Educators Training (Quezon City University)
March 18, 2023AM Session: Online Educators training (via Microsoft Teams)
PM Session: Online Educators training (via Microsoft Teams)
April 3, 2023Official Launch
April 3 to May 29, 2023Minecraft Build Period for Students
May 30 to June 30, 2023Deliberation Period
July 3, 2023Announcement of Winners (during the QC Hall Flag Raising Ceremony)


What is Minecraft Education? 

Minecraft is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination. Minecraft Education differs from the regular video game version as it is aimed for use in the classroom and contains features such as classroom mode and assessment tools that enable powerful learning experiences. 

To learn more about Minecraft Education in the classroom, watch  this video


Technical Support

For technical support on this challenge, you may join the Quezon City Reinventing Cities with C40 and Minecraft Challenge Facebook Group

Related articles, toolkits, and guides will be uploaded in this group to support educators in this challenge. Educators may also  engage with other members of the community to share relevant ideas, experiences, and questions.